The readlines method reads all lines from a file and stores it in a list.. More than one statements in a block of uniform indent form a compound statement. Normally each statement is written on separate physical line in editor. However, statements in a block can be written in one line if they are separated by semicolon. Following is code of. In Python, you can have if-else statements on one line. To write an if-else statement on one line, follow the conditional expression syntax: some_expression if condition else other_expression. For example: age = 20. # One-liner if-else statement. age_group = "Minor" if age < 18 else "Adult". print(age_group). In Python , list comprehensions are a more compact way of creating lists. More flexible than for loops, list comprehension is usually faster than other methods. Create a List with range() Let's start by creating a list of numbers using Python list comprehensions. We'll take advantage of Python's range() method as a way to create a list of. eve online stock market; fairfax circle villa.

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